Chapter I


A cafe in Paris, a cold winter evening. Two friends: Jimi and Jasmine, meet again after a long time without seeing each other. In spite of the years since their last meeting, they hold a fluid conversation, full of confidence, reminiscing shared experiences, people in common, places where they had been. They see each other as people with similar characters, with similar ways of confronting life, full of strength and will, without letting any event or challenge set them back.

They settle down at a place that seemed specially designed to encourage this type of interaction, they ordered some drinks and soon after achieved a warm and relaxed atmosphere that reflected in their words and speech. They talked about what they had in common and what separates them, their ways of understanding love, marriage, loyalty, justice. Conversations that elsewhere, and amongst other people, could seem forced, with a high degree of imposition, and yet between them seem natural, proving that there are no restricted matters when facing two intelligent people, who are not ashamed of exposing their feelings and their points of view, even if these could be misunderstood or lead to rejection and disproof.