Chapter IV


Omar and Jimi are Muslims. Jasmine and Michel acknowledge their great ignorance towards this religion, the same as the vast majority of Westerners. The woman asks them to talk about this world, to make a quick review of the Islamic religion, culture and history, starting a journey from the time of Muhammad to the present. The revelation of the Koran, the situation in the Arabian Peninsula before the birth of the prophet, the expansion of new beliefs, the role of women, knowledge and philosophy are some of the main Muslim intellectuals. Jimi and Omar take turns in offering a complete and fresh point of view of Islamic reality, away from clichés and without prejudices, answering the questions and doubts that had arisen amongst Jasmine and Michel, although not free from moments of tension and distress.

We are, therefore, witnessing an enlightening review through many centuries of history, condensed into a few pages, with which Omar and Jimi try to make their friends understand the reality of a community that encompasses hundreds of millions of people and to which on multiple occasions we limit ourselves to repeat old and worn ideas, as for the lack of clarity, which usually happens almost every time we face unknown situations.