Chapter II


As the evening moved on, the two friends feel more comfortable, and do not avoid different topics, however complicated or intimate they could seem. Thus, Jimi dares expose before Jasmine a theory in which he has been meditating for some time: today’s gladiators. He considers them to be those who face today’s problems with the strength that fighters and Gladiators showed in the Roman arenas. The same way these had shields, swords, nets and other weapons, today’s gladiators face the challenges that life presents with only their strength, their intelligence and common sense. People who are not afraid to battle every day and every second, to achieve the goals they have set, both personal and at family level as for the professional and business world. Words like sacrifice, trust, education, freedom, justice, are basic elements to understand these 21st century worriers, who have replaced the classic 21st century circuses and arenas with new places, places where they will give their all, facing fears and overcoming the multiple challenges of life.

Jasmine pays attention to the comments with slight disbelief at first, but then starts to acknowledge them, and finally accepts and admires some of the theories she considered appropriate, always accompanied by Jimi’s complicit smile.