Chapter VI


The conversation leads to precise examples showing the hypocrisy of the Western world towards the Muslim countries. Regardless of being more or less dictatorial regimes, for decades these have maintained good relations with the West (referring to the paradigmatic cases of Algeria, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, etc.), with their leaders being received with honors of head of state in their multiple trips and, considering them to be the guarantors of the political, social and economic stability of their respective nations. When, amongst other factors such as continuous uprising riots falling under the heading of “Arab Spring”, the perception of the international public opinion was changing, Western governments did not hesitate in changing their point of view regarding those countries, letting them fall and even influencing in a more than evident way on their fate, without hesitating to resort to violence when it was considered to be necessary.

With this last overlook on the reality of the last years, the friends finished their reunion at the cafe and carried on to another area in the establishment. Along with them, as if we were another one of the participants in the conversation, we reach the last page of the book, having witnessed an afternoon that surely none of the four participants will ever forget.