Chapter III


Two of Jimi’s friends arrive at the cafe, interrupting the conversation we have attended so far. The newcomers are called Omar and Michel. Jimi wants Jasmine to meet them, and he thinks that such encounter could surface a suitable relationship for all. The woman greets them with some skepticism, she was comfortable alone with Jimi, and thinks that perhaps it was not necessary to include the new arrivals in this meeting, let alone two people who she did not know. From the start, she felt certain animosity towards one of the newcomers, without regard in showing such feeling. The presentations spark-up quick rounds in which each one of them talks about their life, projects, work or family situation. Jimi struggles strenuously to recover the relaxed and confident atmosphere that had been present over the encounter, gradually regaining it again.

The afternoon continued on without any major upheavals, with the four comfortably enjoying the warmth of the cafe. At one point, Omar steps away to pray in a reserved area, which causes the conversation to divert to religion.