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About us…

About us…

Ever since I was very young, I had it clear in my mind that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and work in business. From a young age, I decided to step in front of the family hotel business together with my mother and bet firmly on the tourism sector. I was also interested in business investments, buying and selling real estate, and the hospitality industry, so I made the decision to work in parallel to hotel activities within the tourism sector, hotel businesses and real estate, in addition to managing investment funds.

By starting this blog, I would like to unveil my business vision, experience and knowledge of the tourism market to the world at large. I believe some of the best professionals in the sector are in Spain, and I’ve had the great opportunity to work with them, learn from them and share our particular view of this fascinating business. I place a high value on expansion, the search for new markets, and the company’s constant adaption to the needs and demands of the market, the sector and the customer.

I also believe strongly in people; they are the ones that make the company. All the people I have dealt with along the way have shown me how to grow as a professional and as a person. That’s why in this new hyper-connected world we are living in I have a keen interest in the new communication channels that have appeared where customers and the general public can share their views. Nowadays, information channels are no longer bilateral so we all have the chance to offer our knowledge and opinion. Within our market this has led to a more discerning public, travellers know what they want and have specific demands, and for hoteliers and our entire structure it has meant better formulated and targetted services and products are presented.

The tourism industry is facing an all-new new

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